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Deer Antler Velvet

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IGF 1 Dangers

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GorillaMilitia13 asked Im getting insanity workout and wanna start right away but im getting surgery august 19th, help!?

So im getting the 60 day insanity workout and I wanna start right away but im getting surgery august 19th and wont be able to do any physical exercise for a week. So can I start now and then start where I left off after the week or will that ruin everything? should i just wait till after the surgery?

And got the following answer:

chill out dude! It won't "ruin everything" you might gain a pound or 2 but you will be fine!

wouldn’t IGF-1 Deer Antler Velvet Extract Lipospray

asked How do you determine the best supplement for getting more energy and lasting longer during a workout?

I have been searching for the best supplement available for getting more energy. Right now I am just getting more confused as to what the best one is. Is there a supplement for energy that you have tried that works really good and guarantees its results?

And got the following answer:

Best energy foods before workout rather than having (sometimes) unreliable supplements is munching on a banana and a handful of nuts. The banana is full of potassium and is known to give you energy throughout the day. Nuts are packed full of protein, they won't sit on your stomach like a heavy meal before your work out and on top of that it will feed your muscles for a greater workout. Please trust me on this one as I've had my fair share of supplements i feel that food in its real form is a lot better for you!

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